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Antique Japanese Lacquer Isho Tansu Clothing Chest Cabinet Furniture

Generally in a very good condition overall. Kabuki-e antique japanese lacquer (Theatre print). Kingfisher in flight above flowering irises (kakitsubata). P1369 – – US$ Currency Converter. Two small tears in margins repaired. The printing of this shunga is of an extremely high quality with excellent use of metallic pigments and gauffrage. Contact Info Original Rare Antique Kabuki Samurai – Kunisada. P1056 – 900 – US$ Currency Converter. The image of a tidal wave overwhelming an entire army is especially ineteresting in its similarity to the rendering of the waves in Chie no Umi.

Contact Info Woodblock Diptych Kunisada 1859 Smoking Opium. Description: Original Japanese woodblock print Anonymous. Signed: antique japanese lacquer Hiroshige ga. Depiction of the accomplishments of Sergeant Kawasaki during the Chino-Japanese war! Contact Info Kuniyoshi – Shunga – Fire – c. Oban tate-e format: 13 7 8″ x 9 7 8″ inches. Very fine impression (with extensive shomenzuri), color and very good condition. Guest & Gray are antique japanese lacquer members of the British Antique Dealers’ Association. P1199 – – antique japanese lacquer US$ Currency Converter. Description: Original antique Japanese color woodblock (Triptych) Ginku (fl. From the series: ‘ Seisha ikoku Jinbutsu’!

Total size: 14″ x 9 1 2″ inches. Yoshitoshi designed a vertical diptych of the same subject in 1887! Description: Original antique Japanese color woodblock Yoshitoshi (1839-1892). Some minor wormholes, marks and flaws. Yokohama build up a new breeding ground for the portrayal of Westerners, for their habits and for the western technical acquisitions. Description: Original antique Japanese color woodblock Ohara Koson (a. Contact Info KLEUREN HOUTSNEDE CHUSHINGURA – BAIDO – Click on the Picture. Uit de vier seizoenen serie. Very good condition, impression and color. Contact Info KLEUREN HOUTSNEDE ( antique japanese lacquer TRIPTIEK ) NAKAMURA – KUNISADA III – Click on the Picture. This print is from a series of 14 designs all depicting famous names (mainly scientists). De houtsnede is gepubliceerd door Kyoto Hanga-in. P595 antique japanese lacquer – – US$ Currency Converter. This is Jacoulet’s first Manchurian print and the last as the Empire of Chinese Dynasties came to an end in the thirties under the pressure of the Japanese occupation. 2, Osaka, Japan 1998, Reference: no. P513 – 425 – US$ Currency Converter. Some minor soiling antique japanese lacquer and wear at the bottom left corner. Printer: Nishimura Kumakichi. Chinese people were very rarely depicted as a main subject in the Yokohama-e genre. A rare print of the multi-talented artist Kunio Kaneko! Omschrijving: Originele Japanse kleuren houtsnede Takashi Ono. 10 3 4″ x 17 3 4″ inches. Trimmed antique japanese lacquer into image, otherwise in wonderful state! Beautiful antique japanese lacquer embossing! Signed: Kiyochika and seals “Kiyo” and “Chika”. Signed in pencil lower right above the Good Luck antique japanese lacquer Hammer Seal. Series: One of an untitled set of bijin (beauty) bust-portraits and full-length figures. Contact Info Exquisite Okubi-e Portrait – Kunisada – Genji Of The East antique japanese lacquer – c. Description: Original antique Japanese color woodblock Kuniyoshi (1797-1861), Musha-e (Warrior print). Very nice Kabuki triptych! Contact Info Very Rare Original Woodblock Kuniyoshi Elephants 1840. Okubi-e size: antique japanese lacquer 10 1 10″ x 7 1 3″ inches. With 56 antique japanese lacquer illustrated pages. Etc Contact Us: Contact Info: Phone – Mail – Address etc. Formaat: 10,8 cm x 9 cm. Prachtige gedetailleerde voorstelling van samurai s die voor een wegwijzer staan! Title: ‘ Tsuzoku Sangokushi yei yu no ichi-nin’.

P364 – – US$ Currency Converter.

A very fine early impression on heavy de luxe paper with burnishing on the kimono! Dai-oban size: c. Fine impression, very good colors and good condition. Carver: 9×11 Persian Semi Antique Heriz Handmade Area Kentaro Maeda. Guest & Old Antique Russian Gray also deals in antique , lacquer, metalwork and ivory. Best appreciated and noted are his Yokohama-e – prints from the Western enclave of Yokohama depicting scenes with Westerners. Contact Info Utagawa Toyokuni I antique japanese lacquer Shunga – Rainy Night – c. P525 – 650 – US$ Currency Converter. Utagawa Kunisada) (1786-1864). Reference: On p. Kogyo was inspired by his stepfather, the famous Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, who was a fan of the Noh theater. Contact Info Original Rare Antique Yokohama-e Oriental Couple 1860. P1197 antique japanese lacquer – 70 – US$ Currency Converter. Five antique japanese lacquer men in a boat are heading towards them. Fine impression, colors and very good condition. Fine impression (with gauffrage), very good color and condition. Description: Original antique Japanese color woodblock Kuniyoshi (1797-1861). Yoshitaki was a member of the so called Ukiyo-e school of woodblock Semi Antique Red artists whose subjects dealt with the daily life! Yokohama-e (Westerners) depiction of American tourists on a ferry! Contact Info Yoshitora – Archer – Oban – Warrior Print – 1861. Nicely detailed and attractively colored. Date: 1861. Contact Info KLEUREN HOUTSNEDE PAGADA IN AKUSA Stunning Antique Art Nouveau – KOITSU – Click on the Picture. Title:’ antique japanese lacquer Captain Higuchi saves the baby’. Omschrijving: Originele Japanse houtsnede S. Circa 1850. Signed (Green cartouche): Kochoro Toyokuni ga. Description: Original antique Japanese color woodblock (Diptych) Yoshitaki (1841-1899), 1860’s, Osake-e (Osaka school), Yakusha-e (Actor print). Description: Original antique Japanese color woodblock Kunisada Utagawa (1786-1864). 8) Pencil signed (Title, edition, date and signature) on the bottom margin: ” Tabi 13 8 95 Kunio Kaneko ‘ 85 “. A re-issue of Kuniyoshi’s famous series ‘ True Stories of the Taheiki’ (Taiheiki Eiyu den). Decorafbeelding antique japanese lacquer van een binnnenplaats bij een French Antique Edme Japanse woning! 1895 antique japanese lacquer Click on the Picture. Omschrijving: Originele Japanse kleuren houtsnede, circa 1950, perfecte conditie, prachtige inktdoordrukking. 1900 Bijin With Umbrella. Kabuki-e (Actor print), Date: c. P1398 – 55 – US$ Currency Converter. Robinson on page 109 (S13. Signed: zen Hokusai litsu rojin ga. From Yoshitoshi’s famous series: ‘ Tsuki hyakushi’ (One-hundred Aspects of the Moon), ‘Kintokiyama no tsuki’ (Moon of Kintoki’s Mountain). P170 antique japanese lacquer – 185 – US$ Currency Converter. Series: “Great Names of the West. (‘ True sketch of foreigners’) Trimmed, light wear and soiling, otherwise magnificent state! Mooie inktdoordrukking, 2 panelen zijn aan elkaar bevestigd. Signed: Kiyochika. Some small red stains, minor wrinkling and soiling, marks and flaws. Antique Victorian Rose Gold Chain 69) in ‘Kuniyoshi, the Warrior Prints’ antique japanese lacquer by B. A rare and very attractive piece of art! Shuntei was the printmaker of genre scenes showing women and mothers with their children. During this turbulent period of history, China was composed of three competing kingdoms- the Wei (also known as Cao Wei), the Han (also known as Shu Han or Shu) and the Wu (also known as Eastern Wu). Fine cloth embossing in the background of the calligraphy panel across the top. Some very light antique japanese lacquer toning otherwise in a wonderful state. Very minor soiling, marks antique japanese lacquer and flaws. P198 – 225 – US$ Currency Converter. Internally some very minor foxing, marks and flaws but overall in a wonderful state! There’s even the story that antique japanese lacquer Yoshiiku bullied him. This volume is based on the classic Chinese work Xiaojing, a further exercise by Hokusai in the field of Chinese iconography during this period. The figurehead is a striking detail! ) under cherry blossoms! Contact Info KLEUREN HOUTSNEDE ( DIPTIEK ) KABUKI – YOSHITAKI – Click on the Picture. Shoson) (1877-1945), Date: 1926. Yoshitoshi, one of Kuniyoshi’s most celebrated pupils, clearly was inspired by this print when he designed his acclaimed vertical oban diptych entitled: ‘Cho Jun, the White Stripes in the Waves, Wrestling in the River with Ri Ki, the Black Whirlwind’! In Ukiyo-e antique japanese lacquer this symbolized the longing for a renewed passionate love. Size: Three panels of 14 1 2 x 9 1 2 inches. Yoshiiku 1861. No backing, very strong ink bleed through. This is a beautifully detailed woodblock print! In ‘ Hokusai ‘ by Gian Carlo Calza. Size: 8″ x 6″ inches. P284 – – US$ Currency Converter. Some small expertly repaired wormholes. Oban tate-e format: 14″ x 9 1 4 ” inches. P1652 – 650 – US$ Currency Converter. Date: 1859. Landschapsafbeelding met een vlieger van een Koi karper. Oban tate-e size: 10″ x 14 3 4″ inches. Wonderfully detailed dramatic scene! Het antique japanese lacquer kleurgebruik, de afbeelding en de conditie zijn perfect. Fine impression with gauffrage, silver and bronze powders, Mica and ground Jade. He worked in Edo (former name of Tokyo) and in Osaka. Size: 6 3 4″ x 5″ inches. A strikingly rare detail is the artist’s name which appears in English cursive at lower right instead of in Japanese.

P363 – – US$ Currency Converter. (kijk ook naar de andere drie! Contact Info Original Woodblock -Westerners -Train -Boats. Oban tate-e format: 13 3 4″ x 9 1 4 ” inches.

Signature of Kunisada in antique japanese lacquer red on the left side of the image! Fine colors and very good condition. P121 – 685 – US$ Currency Converter. Fine (first edition) impression, color and good condition. Size: 6 7 8″ x 9″ inches. Good impressions and very antique japanese lacquer good condition.

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