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Antique Gia Certified 101ct Diamond European Platinum Art Deco Engagement Ring

Both antique gia certified characteristics just 1 grade off perfect. Stock #e10459. 00 carat diamond for way less than you’d expect. This diamond came into our store with a significant chip partially covered up by a claw on the ring it was in.

Looking at a diamond of this quality in the sunshine is practically hypnotic, with dazzling sparkle and rainbow dispersion beyond compare. E10641 There’s no sense talking antique gia certified too much about this diamond. It had the size and looked okay but lacked some brilliance because it was cut too shallow at 55. Excellent overall cut, excellent symmetry and excellent polish help bring out the remarkable display of optical fireworks that make diamonds so beautiful.

Estate priced at $1175. Our latest estate ring not only has an excellent cut, it also weighs nicely over 1. Big antique gia certified diamonds of nice quality have so much more dispersion than smaller stones. This is the only one we have and we can’t get another for the estate price of $6,390. 6 lands it squarely in the excellent cut range. If you’re going to spend well into 5 figures for a diamond take some time and watch this by Martin Rapaport antique gia certified where he discusses overgraded diamonds with inaccurate reports. In fact most excellent cut 1. 38mm diameter is bigger than many 1. 9 degrees when it should have been no more shallow than 33. We currently have the diamond set in a simple 4. 00 carat diamonds will have easily visible inclusions, have a noticeable yellow to brown tint or they are very poorly cut. The 5 gram setting contains 16 white diamonds of VS-FG quality along with 2 small NATURAL antique gia certified pink diamonds. SI2-OP good cut GIA antique gia certified certified $28000. Weighing nicely over 1 2 a carat at 0. Stock #e10641 August 18, 2018 0. The diamond is available without the ring for $7000. You’ll also notice the clarity characteristics do not include any clouds making this diamond particularly crisp and brilliant. SOLD November antique gia certified 21, 2018 2. Of those available only a tiny fraction are nice and square like this one antique gia certified that measures 7. JKLM are the typical colours for diamonds found in this region. 35mm with a very small 70% table and a generous crown height. January 3, 2018 5. Let it antique gia certified be the starting point for a fantastic creation. At Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers we like to think we can source almost any diamond you could possibly want. September 23, 2018 0.

VS1-G very good cut GIA antique gia certified certified $3060. I don’t know why this shape (the radiant cut) isn’t more admired. Stock #e8863. 70 carats but after consultation with our master diamond cutter he said to hold 0. Most important modern diamonds come with a Gemological Institute of American certificate, not many antique diamonds come with any documentation. Keep it clean and this diamond will outshine any of Antique Egl Certified the more garden variety size diamonds your likely to encounter. We’ve selected a traditional 14 karat white gold solitaire to efficiently showcase the diamond is a simple 4 prong pedestal. The crystal is incredibly clear with a cautiously estimated VS2 clarity based on a natural located on the bottom of the girdle beside the claw as seen in this photomicrograph. E9594 When you’re not antique gia certified concerned about yielding the heaviest diamond possible, you can Antique Knife Edge 175 Ct Round cut to exceptional standards and let the finished weight end up where it should. The scarlet letter for diamonds when it comes to clarity is “I”. 00 carat at 1. For the estate price of just $1500.

They have no interest in the commerce of jewellery and they offer no antique gia certified wholesale discounts to anyone for their services. With strategic claw Antique French Carved Oak placement these inclusions could be completely covered making the diamond look more like a VS clarity stone. 08mm giving it a face up antique gia certified appearance close to many 1. Have a antique gia certified look at these before and after pictures. Most people consider the “4Cs” (clarity, colour, carat weight and cut) when selecting a diamond, but don’t forget about the 5th C. You won’t find better at the estate price of just $1928. If you don’t see the estate diamond you are looking for, give us a call. The price and the sparkle make this diamond a great antique gia certified candidate for a simple pendant or ring for someone who appreciates the art of precise cutting. It’s almost impossible to keep my train of thought looking at this diamond. January 8, 2018 2. We love connecting people with amazing value whether it’s a wholesale colleague or our own retail client. Stock #e9899. The very small 54% table, slightly steeper 35. 00 carats that we are aware of. 06 as sampled from our Any longer and manufacturers typically choose a different shape to cut a given piece of rough from.

This diamond is very bright and brilliant courtesy of the F colour as confirmed by our GIA antique gia certified certified master diamond. I had a difficult choice to make but I’m so happy I decided to go for quality over quantity (in the form of weight). Stock #e8662. Of very good to excellent cut. 5mm will remain unaltered so you’ll not notice antique gia certified the weight reduction. This diamond is also currently listed on our antique gia certified wholesale dealer only database for the same price as you see here, so don’t think about it for too long. We’re recognized as very tough and old school when it comes to assigning a quality grade on a diamond. 00 carat in weight. 00 CAD right now. 43 carat rectangular shaped diamond would make a great pendant or maybe the starting point for a very cool and unique engagement ring. We don’t need a piece of paper to appreciate a pretty diamond but a GIA antique gia certified certificate sets the bar when your’re comparing diamonds. E11455 The DNA of Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers has always been about supplying amazing jewellery values to our retail clients for the last 60 years. Before you dismiss this diamond because of the M colour, please consider the other characteristics that determine the price. The “cost” is the 5th C that everyone needs to contemplate. This precise blueprint for diamond cutting showcases optimum levels of brilliance and dispersion. SI1-G very good cut $6380. The diamond Formal Traditional Antique 2pc Sofa is currently set in a high quality 18 karat yellow gold and platinum 7. When we received it, it was a 0. I’ve always said “pay for what you see”. SOLD Fenton Antique Carnival Glass Ruby Red Dragon January 27, 2017 0. All certificates use GIA antique gia certified developed grading language but few grade to GIA’s strict standards. 8 antique gia certified gram, 18 karat white gold ring containing 150 other diamonds. VS2-I very good cut GIA antique gia certified certified $14,300. They do not supply appraisals, only certificates of quality on loose stones. Truth be told the good cut is really antique gia certified close to very good or even excellent from a purely visual perspective. These 2 characteristics will always give you a good idea of how nicely cut any princess is. If not you better ask yourself, “do I know diamonds or do I know my jeweller? The I colour faces up quite white with no fluorescence. A nice SI2 clarity with G colour ensures excellent transparency and sparkle. They have a unique look with tons of dispersion and are perfect in original antique rings or settings inspired by antique design. The resulting diamond lost 38% of the original weight but now it explodes with sparkle compliments of the new found ideal cutting geometry. It was perhaps the poorest example of cutting I has ever seen. E10670 This just could be the perfect diamond for someone like you. VS2-G pear shape GIA antique gia certified certified $4600. 00 antique gia certified plus tax. 9% depth is exceedingly rare and antique gia certified very desirable. This freshly re-cut princess antique gia certified measures 4. Trust me when I say finding a Asscher cut with a 58. If you don’t, the U. While it’s not flawless the inclusions are mostly isolated to the outside edge making them far less visible. Reasonable clarity, colour, no fluorescence, very good cut plus the estate nature keep the value better than anything else out there. A knot is a small diamond crystal that grew within the larger gem and shows through the surface when the diamond has been polished. Without a nice cut, the unique optical properties of a diamond can’t be appreciated as it will appear lifeless and dull instead of like a little ball of fire. 61 carat diamond) of 5. Yes that’s right a N colour. E10098 Everyone knows where to find the best value when it comes to accurate, honestly graded diamonds. 58mm average diameter. VS1-G GIA antique gia certified certified $5150. Stock #e3739. 9 gram 14 karat white gold Lucida style setting available separately for $238. If the diamond you’re considering doesn’t come with a GIA antique gia certified report be extra careful and ask why not? The Gemological Institute of American DO NOT appraise diamonds and they are not involved in the commerce of diamonds or jewellery. The full April 24 2017 GIA antique gia certified report can be seen. Everything that antique gia certified could be controlled when this stone was cut, was done to achieve the most brilliant, sparkling, fiery diamond possible. July 1, antique gia certified 2018 0. Estate priced at $500. 71mm footprint, to the fabulous “F” colour, this one explodes with brilliance. Wholesale dealer inquiries are welcome. I bet Old Antique Charcoal Portrait Drawing Signed Kauffman those people haven’t seen a nice quality Asscher cut before. A small white feather at 9:00 o’clock is invisible to all but the most sharp sighted Jade Antique White at extremely close range. We had the chip repaired, overall cut improved then off it went to the Gemological Institute of America for certification. The GIA antique gia certified report while 100% accurate with its assessment of SI1-G good cut simply doesn’t tell the whole story. 00 carat diamonds are the new 1. SI2 clarity diamonds usually have inclusions that can be seen without magnification. Once upon a time this diamond weighed the magic weight of 1. The additional 2. The VS2 clarity, I colour with a very good cut places this diamond in the better quality range. 9mm diameter making it appear larger than many heavier weight diamonds of only good or fair cut.

VVS2-G very good cut GIA antique gia certified certified $3100. Believe it or not you can usually find it at a long time independent antique gia certified home town jeweller. If you want a perfect diamond Antique German Meissen Porcelain Figurine the same size as this antique gia certified estate 5. E9637 Most times you should look at the diamond before you become subconsciously influenced by what you think it will look like from a report. Always insist the diamond you are considering has been GIA antique gia certified certified, not simply certified by someone with GIA antique gia certified training and credentials. A low bottom is an efficient cut that yields a little more overall weight but is not as attractive in my opinion. When exposed to long wave ultraviolet the diamond didn’t exhibit any fluorescence. It is the most brilliant and dispersive of antique gia certified any shape. Stock #e10539. Something unique and fabulous for that special person in your life. We offer a full money back guarantee if you don’t agree. An independent internationally recognized certificate in a far better indication of actual quality. 07mm, excellent cut, excellent symmetry, excellent polish and no fluorescence. It’s invisible in the photo and would easily be covered up by even the thinnest of claws in a ring or pendant. Stock #e8956. GIA GIA GIA antique gia certified GIA GIA. E9849 Very nice diamond at a very nice price makes a very nice starting point for a great piece of jewellery. Shop this diamond around, compare the specifications. It Antique Vintage Art Deco was waaaaay too deep, the girdle was much too thick, it had a giant extra facet on the lower half completely distorting the pavilion. Stock #e9749. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers sold this diamond several years ago to a client who enjoyed wearing it everyday. 00 carat diamond and casts a footprint more than 25% larger.

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